Imani Mamalution
Natural Living Advocate, Author, Activist, Role Model

Imani Mamalution is a “natural living” activist, visionary, and mother of six, who has opened her heart and her life to the community, and in the process, has become a local legend and role model. With a sense of urgency, she has been leading a quiet revolution of mothers — which she calls the “mama-lution” — to heal the world and make it a better place through intuitively guided feminine wisdom and personal choice. Her willingness to publicly buck the system and question the status quo, is helping thousands of women and men remember and answer the call to come together in love and light for the Earth and the children.

Imani believes that many of us have been living in isolation, but that we are realizing we’re tribal species that does our best work when we come together. “Whatever¬† you’re passionate about, we all need to come together as one voice, as one movement, as one group that has a voice.”

She is an author and entrepreneur who, together with her family, runs Alchemy organic cafe in Hartford, Connecticut, that doubles as a gathering place for those who are dreaming the same dreams and changing the world through the power of awareness, sustainable living, and better consumer choices.  In this fascinating interview she talks about the challenges, the lessons, and the rewards of walking the talk.

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