Out of Body Experiences

Albert Taylor
Former NASA engineer, OBE experiencer and author

Can one travel outside of their own body? My guest, Albert Taylor, believes we all do so nightly when we dream, we just don’t remember. What if you could remember? Listen to this interview for Albert’s insights about the out-of body-experience, and how to lucidly participate in your own. Find out what can you learn, what can you see, where can you go, and what you can do in this semi-conscious out-of-body state.

Albert Taylor is a former NASA aeronautical engineer and space researcher and #1 best selling author. “In my opinion, Dr. Albert Taylor is the number one authority on out-of-body experiences in the world. Taylor knows more details about out-of-body experiences than anyone.” Art Bell, host of Coast to Coast and DreamLand.

In this interview, Albert Taylor speaks  honestly and very personally about how he escaped his nightly fears of sleep paralysis and now soars consciously and at will through the astral plane and beyond. Some call this astral travel, or an out-of-body experience, but Taylor calls it “soul travel.” His term eloquently embodies his philosophy that we are actually powerful, spiritual beings in the midst of a human experience, rather than human beings having minor spiritual experiences.

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