She Will Rise Again

A few listeners have asked if I would read this poem I wrote on Coronavirus. Sure! Here you go. 

She Will Rise Again
by Andie Hight

Earth is spinning,
Moon goes ‘round,
the sun still rises,
without us around.

The ocean’s bluer,
the sky is too.
Let’s stay locked up,
me and you.

This speck called Corona,
has helped me see,
the virus mankind is
to the land and the sea.

Can we learn to live lighter?
Bring a future that’s brighter?
Find out what we can do
to get Earth out of ICU?

Emerge from our homes,
in a month or two,
with a fresh understanding and
a perspective that’s new?

Can we fly and drive greener?
Eat less meat, be less meaner?
Telecommute more
Love nature and open the door?

I don’t want to be like Corona.
I want to show I’m way more
than a collection of cells
that destroy — What for?

Together we can raise her up,
pour new life into her cup.
Flatten her curve,
Learn how to serve.
Resurrect her.

And show ourselves that
we are way more than
we were