Astrology and 2020

In this astrology show, we talk with’s chief astrologer Stephanie Shea, who is carrying on the late Jan Spiller’s legacy of helping millions around the world with sage advice and wisdom. In this episode we drill down into some of the astrological influences of 2020  (and beyond), including some of the implications for our current situation. Stephanie also kindly reads a few of our listeners’ charts (including yours truly) — which is always fascinating and fun. 

Stephanie Shea is a professional astrologer who was fortunate enough to study under the guidance of Jan Spiller from late 2012 until Jan’s passing in July of 2016.  Stephanie is dedicated to keeping Jan’s legacy alive by continuing her teachings in the form of the horoscopes, yearly forecasts, Astrological Edge column and various other astrological updates for the website. She is a 2011 graduate of Emily Trinkaus’s apprenticeship program through the Alcyone School for Engaged Astrology. Whether in writing or in her personal readings, Stephanie pursues Astrology with passion, empathy, enthusiasm, and intuition. It is her goal to leave people feeling excited about their birth chart and give them access to knowledge that can be used on a daily basis. 

Resources for listeners from Stephanie as promised during this episode.
Portland School of Astrology –
Emily Trinkaus –
(NORWAC is a conference, so within that, people can find many different astrologers offering classes and seminars.)

And of course, visit:
Visit Jan Spiller’s YouTube Channel where Stephanie puts out astrology videos on a regular basis: