How Thoughts Become Things

Have you ever been curious about the idea that we are what we believe, that thoughts can shape our reality? Is it true?  In this episode of Wisdom Radio, Andie Hight talks with author and filmmaker, Douglas Vermeeren, one of the leading thinkers on the subject. Over the last two decades, Douglas has conducted extensive first hand research into the lives of the world’s top achievers in the areas related to the power of the mind and heart. He has made it his mission to connect the dots and to try to understand why some people are super successful in all aspects of life, while others are perpetually stuck in a rut. He’s written several books, is an inspirational speaker on personal empowerment, and he has a new film out called How Thoughts Become Things. Come listen as he shares his wisdom on how thoughts become things.

How Thoughts Become Things (movie)
Douglas Vermeeren on Youtube

Douglas Vermeeran
Douglas Vermeeran