Journey to Your Within

Each of us strives to live our truth. It’s not always so easy, and life can feel mediocre. But when we’re able remember our true essence and passions, and when we can hear our inner voice and follow our heart — life can become extraordinary. From a young age, Aaron McCormick has been an empath and a bridge for seeking higher connections. Raised by a single mom on the South Side of Chicago, McCormick, at the age of 23 found great business success, earning millions and receiving numerous awards and distinctions. He has been able to become a bridge for those wishing success, but from a deep place of authenticity. With a combination of deep empathy, wisdom, and self-made success, McCormick ignites the innate ability we all have within to decode our own answers for maximum clarity and self-actualization. Aaron has helped countless people of all backgrounds realize greater fulfillment and success in areas of career, personal power, love & relationships, sales, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Aaron McCormick

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Find Your Passion

Larger than life or small . . . the fire burns within until the wind dies. Too much focus on the fire fails to recognize the importance of the air – the giver of flame.

The air is not showy. It’s not seen at all and yet it contains everything the fire needs to burn brightly.

You need to ask yourself, what is my air? What gives me the will to breathe…to fill myself with the mysterious essence of life itself.

For when you know, when you discover, the breath becomes deep and satisfying. It fills the bellows that are your lungs to fuel the fire that is your life’s passion.